As Purchased Condition Of The Car

Rear Of Car

Careful examination of the spare tire tread will reveal that it spells out “NON-SKID”.  Initially automobile tires were parallel grooved similar to the right rear tire on the car.  These tires did not have good traction even though the grooves greatly improved wet tire performance.  Firestone discovered that by using a varying tire tread they could manufacture a tire that was nearly skidless.  They called their invention the NON-SKID as that used those words molded into the rubber as their tire tread.  Directly in front of the spare tire is the 25-gallon kerosene fuel tank for the burner.  This tank was very wet and found to be rusted through in many places which had been repaired with some sort of epoxy patching material.  Removal of the drain plug and a flushing with kerosene would see a quart can of rust and debris fall from the inside of the tank.

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