Boiler Restoration

Drying The Interior Boiler Protective Coating

During the boiler construction the Chief Mechanic of the Wilmington & Western Railroad, a local tourist railroad operating steam locomotives, mentioned the use of paint inside the boiler to improve heat transmission and reduce the corrosion.  An investigation revealed the following information on the Dampney Company’s Apexior® coatings.

For more than 80 years, Dampney Company, Inc. has manufactured technically advanced, corrosion-resistant protective coatings for specialized applications in the refining, chemical processing, primary metal, utility, pipeline and gas, and paper industries, as well as military and OEM uses.  With more than 80 years of proven service, Apexior® Number 1® and Apexior® Number 3® are still the "old standbys" for resistance to boiling water/steam and waterside corrosion.  Apexior® Number 1® (GSA No. 8030-00-282-5424) is specially formulated for the protection of steam generating equipment, condensate return tanks, autoclaves, or other metal surfaces immersed in hot water at temperatures above 200ºF (93ºC). It resists boiling water and superheated steam at temperatures up to 700ºF (371ºC) and provides efficient heat transfer and long service life.

Since no Stanley boilers to the best of my knowledge had ever been coated, a sample of the paint was obtained and tested.  Boiling water tests proved that there was a definite improvement in thermal conductivity.  The paint also stood up to severe heat so it seemed prudent to follow the recommendation provided and use Apexior® Number 1®.  A gallon of the coating was obtained, all pipe connections of the boiler plugged and the gallon of coating dumped into the boiler.  The boiler was then rolled about vigorously to insure the paint splashed around inside well so as to coat all the flues and interior surfaces of the boiler.  As shown in the photo the boiler was suspended and allowed to drain off the excess coating.  An air pump was used to push fresh air though the boiler for a week to insure the paint inside the boiler dried thoroughly.

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