Burner, Pilot, and Superheater Restoration

Burner Side Wall Construction Drawing

While not exactly what Cruban originally provided the design of the replacement burner shell and superheater ring would be very similar.  The burner casting has a step around its outer circumference (which can be seen in later photographs).  The outer wall of the burner shell is screwed to the circumference of the casting thus holding it in place.  The top of the outer shell wall includes a solid “washer” of steel welded to the outer wall such that the insulation inside the burner shell is totally enclosed and not subject to direct contact with the fire.  An inch of high temperature ceramic fiber insulation is provided between the two walls.  The inner wall is held in place with mounting studs to the outer wall and it rests on the top edge of the burner grate and is held tight by the clamping action of the outer wall’s top ring.

The superheater ring is constructed in a similar fashion and consists of an outer ring that provides mounting support for the inner ring.  The bottom of the superheater ring is sealed with a steel “washer” to encase the insulation in the ring’s wall.  In addition the superheater ring includes a circumferential band that is extended down such that the burner shell can be properly aligned to the superheater ring.  This alignment ring also serves to make the interface between the superheater ring and the burner shell airtight.  This design allows the burner to be dropped from beneath the boiler for servicing while leaving the superheater in place directly under the boiler.

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