Burner, Pilot, and Superheater Restoration

Burner Installed Under The Boiler and Superheater

Once the superheater ring was installed the burner could be installed.  Being quite heavy when fully assembled, the burner, sitting on its servicing fixture, is jacked in place using an automotive hydraulic floor jack.  The cast iron Cruban L-shaped clips were placed on the hanger rods and the burner tightened into place.  With connection of the fuel lines to the pilot and burner vaporizers the burner is ready for testing.  The burner is shown in the photo above without the pilot door in place. 

Also seen in this photo is the steam line which runs between the expansion loop and the engine.  The steam line is running off at the upper right corner of the photo and is wrapped with a layer of ceramic fiber insulation held in place with wall paper paste.  A final protective wrap of woven exhaust header insulation was then applied using wall paper paste.  After a couple of runnings of the car the hot steam in the pipe will cure the insulation and wall paper paste into a robust and durable insulation wrapping.

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