Burner, Pilot, and Superheater Restoration

Machining The Pilot Nozzle Surfaces

The ravages of heat and time had taken their toll on the nozzle castings of the pilot and the burner.  The many mounting surfaces had become uneven and rough with use and deterioration.  Using a small model lathe each of these pieces was custom fixtured and then machined and then finish-ground flat and smooth.  This lathe also was used to make replacement pilot casting fuel port threaded clean-out plugs and many other small parts for the car.  The heavy machining necessary for the pilot mixing tube and other burner replacement parts was performed by Tony Alvarez of A&M Machine in Middletown, Delaware.  Pictured above is the casting for the pilot nozzle, attached to a steel block on the lathe bench being machined with the vertical mill set to the proper angle.

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