Stephenson Valve Gear Computer Simulation Program

Charles Dockstader has created an excellent program that simulates the operation of Stephenson Valve Gear action.  For those that would like to study how valve the valves of a Stanley engine function this program is highly recommended.  Charles has placed his programs in the public domain as freeware.  There are no restrictions on the use of the software.  Neither Charles or the web site owner accept any responsibility for any claim or claims arising from the use of the software.

Charlie had developed a number of programs to study many different designs of steam engine valve gear.  As the Stanley engine is designed around the Stephenson Link, only that particular program may be of interest to web site visitors.  The Stephenson Link program for use on computers running Microsoft Windows is provided for downloading by clicking on the link below (DOS versions are available for Charlie's web site as well).  If visitors would like to download all of Charlie's programs or learn more about his programs they should visit The Bitter Creek Western Railroad website were Charlie's programs are now posted;

(ZIP version - 361K)

(EXE version - 383K)

Clicking on either of the links above will open a download window.  Download the file to your desktop.  The files will create a folder C:\Stephenson Link Program.  Four files should appear in the folder as follows;

Stephenson Link.exe -- Charlie Dockstader's Stephenson Link Computer Simulation
Instruct.doc - the first of two help files that the program relies on
Stospins.doc - the second of two help files that the program relies on
Exhaust.wav - the exhaust sound for the running engine

Once the four files are extracted and installed, clicking on "Stephenson Link Program.exe" will run the program.  A window will open on your monitor which contains a drawing of a single steam cylinder with a D slide valve like the Stanley engine, the Stephenson Link, and a crank on a flywheel.  See the Help menu for the Instructions and Special Instructions relating to the Stephenson Link computer model.  Clicking on the icon to the lower left of the PivotData menu will activate the steam colorization and exhaust sound for the simulation.

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