As Purchased Condition Of The Car

Rear Jump-Seats In Position

As a 7-passenger touring car, seating was accomplished by two people in the front seat (there is no way to drive a Stanley with a 3rd person on the front seat cushions).  Three passengers ride in the rear sofa-seat, and finally, hopefully the two lightest weight of all passengers, ride on the jump seats.  Cars of this era were still luxury items.  Thus the cars were generally used on Sundays to go to church and to a friend’s home or picnic or similar outing.  Often parents went along as well as siblings.  So Dad and Son or Son-In-Law would ride in the front ~ remember it takes two to drive a Stanley (said jokingly but more often true than not) and very few women had licenses.  The wife and her Mom or Mother-In-Law would ride on the back sofa seat with enough room to hold the baby or toddler.  Kids of walking age usually got the jump seats to themselves.  And, if you’re wondering if the seat belts might have been removed ~ “What are seat belts?”  And yes, doors opened very easily at any speed!

This photograph also shows the faded, red, indoor-outdoor felt carpet that was popular a number of years ago for patios and such.  While the front floorboards are surfaced in actual linoleum, the rear floorboards were covered with woven mohair carpeting identical to that found on the fronts of the jump-seats.

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