As Purchased Condition Of The Car

Rear Sofa Seat

Riding in the back seat of a Stanley is akin to sitting on an overstuffed sofa.  There’s plenty of leg room even with the jump-seats upright.  There’s full support for one’s posterior and back.  The coil spring suspension topped by layers of felting and then the leather stuffed with curled horsehair really provide for a rich, elegant, plush ride.  One might think that a car with only elliptical springs and no shock absorbers would not give a good ride but folks are always surprised to find their initial thoughts inaccurate after a short tour in the back seat of a Stanley.  Seating for three abreast is not at all crowded.  Of course it is interesting to note that the bottom rear seat cushion is wider and deeper than anything produced today.

What this picture doesn’t show is the true condition of the rear seat back.  There is a coil spring unit mounted to the wooden body frame.  The padding and finally the leather cover are pulled over that.  The “animals” had taken the liberty to totally disconnect three sides of the back from it’s attachment to the wooden body thus it was possible to simply lift up the leather covering.  This of course revealed the coil spring support totally picked clean of all jute furniture webbing, felt padding, and all the other rodent home building materials so generously donated to hone their Susie-Homemaker skills.

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