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Water, Steam, And Exhaust Steam Piping – Right Front Boiler Area

Marvin Klair had removed the condenser and sent it to a local radiator shop for soaking and cleaning.  As he had not completed the installation the exhaust steam line is not connected to the top center inlet port of the condenser.  Clearly shown just above the frame is the boiler water level automatic.  This device monitors the water level in the boiler and when the water drops below the center 3/8-inch pipe of the automatic, water from the water supply tank and pumps is directed to the boiler through the boiler check (shown covered in insulation with the L-shaped valve handle at center of the boiler).  Note how the boiler has been “insulated” in a woven insulation material similar to what is used to make plaster body casts.  The plaster based insulation weave holds furnace cement in place.

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