As Purchased Condition Of The Car

Under The Front Footboards

Clearly the “distressed look” at its finest.  The left pedal is the “hook-up” and “reverse” pedal (see the technical section for how this changes the operation of the steam engine through the valve linkage).  The right pedal is the service brake pedal.  No “gas” pedal ~ one uses the “throttle lever” on the steering column with a Stanley).  The white-faced gauge on the firewall above the service brake is the boiler water level indicator (showing FULL).  To the right of the boiler water level indicator is the special pump pressure gauge that Harlow Zinn added to monitor operation of the water pumps.  The two aluminum valve handles are for charging the pilot fuel tank (left valve) and the burner kerosene service tanks (right valve) with air for proper operation.  The red valve was added by Marvin.  The gauge at the lower left of center is the water tank quantity gauge (wrong gauge located in the wrong area as indicated by the large cut-out in the floorboards).  To the right of the water tank quantity gauge is hand water pump.  The dark area at the lower right is the front wall of the pump box where four piston pumps reside.  In the upper left corner of the photography is the loose wiring associated with the turn signal system, the Klaxton horn button, and a truck running light strapped to the steering column to serve as a dash light.

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