As Purchased Condition Of The Car

Under The Front Seat Cushions

The black tank is the pilot fuel tank.  It was un-nerving to realize that the tank will full of gasoline and had to be pressurized to 25 PSIG for operation considering all the cuts and welds that have been made to the tank.  The copper tank is the steam cylinder oil tank.  The two plumbing elbows on the side of the tank I was told were once set up to circulate steam to a coil in the tank for heating the oil to make it flow better.  This photograph also shows the hand water (to the right) and hand fuel (to the left) pumps located under the front footboards.  The “Stanley” water level gauge is the smaller of the two gauges and is at it normal position and height.  The larger one was added by Marvin Klair.

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