Boiler Restoration

Protective Painted Boiler With All Flue Work Complete

Once all the tubes were trimmed to length a standard metalworking countersink was used to remove the burrs from the inside edges of the flues.  An inverted cone grinding stone was placed over each of the flues to then remove the burrs from the outside edges of the flues.  The final step was to lightly flare the each flue using a tapered punch.

In preparation for the next step, the winding of the boiler shell with piano wire, the outside surfaces of the boiler were painted with 1,200 degree Fahrenheit black paint similar to that used on old wood cooking stoves and automotive engines and manifolds to keep the boiler from rusting.  An interesting note is that the boiler produces a nice bell-like ring to the flue sheet and shell when either of the steel reinforcing bands is struck lightly with a hammer.

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