Boiler Restoration

Boiler Wire Wrapping 

A pair of metal plates was fashioned such that they could be clamped to the flue sheet ends of the boiler.  The metal plates included 3/4“ shafts and pillow bearings.  This design allowed the boiler to be placed between the forks of a fork truck and thus rotated.  Attached to one of the metal plates was a DC drive motor and gear-reduction.  In the photo’s foreground is a Variac which applies a varying level of power to the drive motor.  The wire was terminated to a pin drilled into the edge of the 1” wide band at the end of the boiler.  Power was applied to the DC drive which slowly rotated the boiler about the axis of the shafts of the metal plates.  The wire was pulled at 25-pounds tension as it was wrapped onto the boiler’s shell.  In the photo about the wire is being wrapped from the right to the left and the boiler’s first layer is partially wrapped.  After the layer was wrapped it was coated with a light layer of steam oil to protect it from rusting.  Once the first layer was wrapped, two more layers would be applied to finish the boiler.

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