Burner, Pilot, and Superheater Restoration

Superheater Installed Under The Boiler

Four threaded rods were made to replace the existing threaded rods that held the superheater and burner in place.  The new rods, of stainless steel, also included a different clip to catch the edge of the superheater to hold it to the underside of the boiler.  Once the superheater ring was in place heavy stainless steel covers were put in place on the inside of the superheater ring at each of the locations were piping was connected to the boiler.  These plates provided protection for the insulation and piping from the direct effects of the burner fire.  The interface between the bottom of the boiler and the top inside of the superheater ring was packed with a mixture wall paper paste and the ceramic fiber insulation to provide a continuous seal between the two units.  At each of the outside openings on the superheater ring the wall paper paste and insulation mixture was also pushed into place to provide a hardener surface for better protection.

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