Restoration Log Introduction

One of the pieces of advice offered by Tom Marshall after the Stanley was purchased and before actual restoration started was that keeping a log of the restoration activities would pay dividends later.  I had already decided to document everything done during restoration with photographs so the keeping of a written log was excellent advice and would supplement the photography.

When the restoration began, FileMaker Pro was set up for logging each day's activity.  Soon this log was expanded to keep track of all materials purchased as well as the expenses associated with the restoration.  Little did I realize in 1998 that in 2003 I'd decide to create this website.  Not only have the log and photographs turned out to be valuable reference assets, but the photographs and log entries figured prominently in the development of this website.

The restoration effort took place in three major phases: mechanical; body; and interior.  In 1998 and 1999 the car underwent major mechanical restoration.  A new boiler, new piping, a major rebuild of the burner, and other mechanical aspects of the car were restored.  During the late summer of 1999 the car was driven a little over 300 miles to work out the mechanical bugs and insure all major mechanical issued had been addressed.  During the bodywork phase of the restoration another steam engine was purchased and fully restored.  It will be put in the car after the interior work is complete with the current engine in the car then undergoing restoration.

In 2000 the car body was stripped of paint and some body repairs made.  From 2001 until 2004 the car underwent major body repair and restoration followed by painting and reassembly.  While the mechanical repair would be the most technical aspect of the restoration, the body repair and painting took the longest amount of time to accomplish.  With the car capable of running well and looking smart, 2005 brought the last of the restoration efforts into play.  The seats would be recovered with new leather, the front floorboards covered in linoleum, and the top completely replaced.  In 2006 the last items will be completed

I hadn't intended to include the restoration log on this website however questions relating to the restoration effort and emails from website visitors changed my mind.  The log has been divided into years with 1999 being divided into two sections.  Simply clicking on the year will display the log for that year.  Each log displays the entry date and what was accomplished.

1998 ~ Mechanical Restoration Started
1999A ~ Mechanical Restoration Completed
1999B ~ Test Drives and Tours
2000 ~ Body Paint Stripping
2001 ~ Body Restoration
2002 ~ Body Restoration
2003 ~ Final Painting and Reassembly
2004 ~ Reassembly
2005 ~ Interior and Top Restoration
2006 ~ Finishing Up The Loose Ends



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