The Stanley Steam Engine Videos

When one looks under the rear of a Stanley all that is seen of the engine is a pair of oval copper cases.  The smaller of the two copper cases cover the cylinder block while the larger case covers the Stephenson Link valve hardware, connecting rods, crossheads, and crankshaft.   The videos below provide several views of a Stanley engine running without the copper covers in place.

Stanley Steam Engine Running

Engine Drip Valve

Reversing The Engine

Hooking-Up The Engine

In addition to the four videos associated with the operation of the Stanley steam engine, two additional videos may be of interest.  Lubrication of the piston as it slides inside the cylinder, and of the slide valves that admit steam to the cylinder, is accomplished by injection of steam cylinder oil in the engine's steam supply. A vital indicator that the engine is being properly oiled is the "Winker".  The winker video shows the winker in operation and explains how it works.

The Winker

Besides driving the rear wheels, the engine also drives the pair of water pumps along with the fuel and steam cylinder oil pumps in the pump box.  The pump box video shows the pumps in operation.

The Pump Box

The videos are use the Windows Media Player format (.wmv).  They are best viewed with Internet Explorer and at least a 640 pixel wide screen.  The Netscape/Firefox/Mozilla browsers may not display the videos easily on some computers.  Some of the files are quite large and will take time to load especially with telephone modem connections.  The file sizes are indicated in the descriptions for each video. 

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